Creation, Publishing and Audiovisual Production Center

Its nature

The NEA produces videos, electronic and printed publications about the Brazilian political reality. Its perspective is to collaborate to the greater knowledge of the national reality and the change of intellectual attitude in research and visual and sound recordings, from the perspective of preservation, management, and memory of the Brazilian cultural heritage. When designed, the products generated by the NEA comply with legal production standards. Such projects take into account the most appropriate target audience, message, medium, and format, so that the communication is shared effectively with the largest number of people.


The NEA proposes to coordinate the publishing and audiovisual programming of the Graduate Program in Public Policy of the Ceará State University (PPGPP/UECE), interconnecting the NUPES Radio, the NUPES TV, the Rabisco Político, and the video recording and editing processes.

Web Radio of the Graduate Program in Public Policy.

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Space for dissemination of videos produced by the Graduate Program in Public Policy or partner institutions – documentary films, lectures, seminars, classes, and testimonies.

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The Rabisco Político is a blog on politics linked to the Graduate Program in Public Policy with the purpose of constituting a tool for popularizing science, consolidating a critical network in relation to social policy, a platform for promoting academic and professional activities in the area, as well as a space for debate on current affairs.

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Available services and activities

  • Recording of lectures and conferences;
  • Visual programming;
  • Management and publishing of the Rabisco Político.

Doutorado Acadêmico em Políticas Públicas
Mestrado Profissional em Planejamento e Políticas Públicas

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