Course with a total of 57 credits*, totaling 855 hours /lessons, equivalent to the following curricular structure: 

08 credits in general compulsory subjects;
19 credits in optional subjects;
30 credits dissertation.

The course will last two years:

27 credits in the first year;
30 credits (dissertation defense) in the following year.

(*) 1 credit = 15h /lessons 

List of Subjects

*Documents in portuguese

Required subjects: (2 CR each)

Formation of the Brazilian Society –  PDF
Methodology of Social Sciences - PDF
Political Theory I - PDF
Political Theory II - PDF

Optional subjects: (2 CR each)

The Transformations of the State in Latin America - PDF
Evaluation of Public Policies - PDF
Gender Inequality, Generation and Ethnic Groups - PDF
Human Rights and Citizenship - PDF
Management in Public Policies - PDF
Governance and Analysis of Public Policies - PDF
Social Indicators and Statistics Applied to Human Sciences - PDF
Methodology of Higher Education - PDF
Planning and Public Management - PDF
Planning in Public Policies - PDF
Cultural Policy - PDF
Regional Development Policy - PDF
Employment, Labor and Income Policy - PDF
Public Policy on Health and Humanization of Services - PDF
Public Policies of Youth - PDF
Social Policy: current challenges (seminar) - PDF
Region, Territory and Public Policies - PDF
Brazilian Political System - PDF
Communication and Information Technologies (ICT) - PDF
Theory of Democracy - PDF
Theory of State and Democracy - PDF
Contemporary Political Theory - PDF
Special Topics I - PDF
Special Topics II - PDF

Doutorado Acadêmico em Políticas Públicas
Mestrado Profissional em Planejamento e Políticas Públicas

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