Concentration Area

Planning and Evaluation in Public Policies 

Lines of Research

1. Evaluation in Public Policies
Study of policies in execution; formulation and development; the actions taken in the implementations of such policies and the results achieved.

2. State, Democracy and Public Policy
This line aims to proceed to a systematic reflection on the transformations of Brazilian society and the Brazilian State. Research should focus on understanding the historical processes of its formation and its implications in the modern world.

3. Governance and Popular Participation
It aims to study the mutual interdependence of actors and the participatory mechanisms indispensable to solve public problems competently, improving the quality of decisions. In this sense, reflection on evaluation will also be treated as a basis for participatory and deliberative democracy.

4. Social Policies and Overcoming Inequalities
It studies the monitoring of social policies (youth, gender, generation, safety, work and income, education and others) through various techniques and research methods that allow to establish profiles and scenarios of the challenges and limitations of such social segments.

Doutorado Acadêmico em Políticas Públicas
Mestrado Profissional em Planejamento e Políticas Públicas

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